Spring Break

This JapanBoyz stud had the room for itself for an entire week, while all his room mates where gone partying in their Spring break. Tomo has all the time in the world to please his hard tool. He knows better that anybody else what his cock needs, so grab a seat and watch him rubbing his tool hard and fast until a nice load of creamy jizz moisturize his belly.


Well, this dude prefers to stay all alone in the spring break. He is not a party guy and the time with himself pleasure him more, especially because he had time to take good care of his tool. So he laid naked all day long in his room jerking off all over the place and covering himself with creamy shots of cum. I’m sure you will love his performance, so without anymore delays, sit back there and enjoy one of our hot update. Also, stay tuned as we will be back next week with fresh content. Until then, check him out!

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Twink Fucking Daddy

Hi there and welcome back! As we’ve promised, this week our horny japanboyz will entertain you with their hot scene once again. Tonight we have this twink who will keep you company and the horny teen will fuck his sugar daddy on camera for your entertainment. These two already enjoyed a nice fucking session and now it is your turn. Grab a seat and watch them in action.

The two horny boys will start their gay fuck with a gentle kissing. Our twink will kiss his sugardaddy all over, going down thru his chest to his hard cock. Well, that is what he was after from the very beginning. Watch him sucking that tool like there’s no tomorrow and licking the balls while his partner moans in pleasure. The horny boy will spread his daddy’s legs and buttocks ad will shove his hard cock balls deep inside that hole. The two will fuck until each one sprays a nice jizz load all over his partner. Enjoy them! Also, check here for Ken’s horny morning and enjoy him with his face full of cum.


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Sex Toy Boyz Fuck

Another great week and we are back and we have for you the hottest scene this week had. These two boyz will entertain you tonight with one amazing gay fuck as they managed to be all alone in the room last night. I assure you that this willmake your cock begging you to jerk off these two, so without further due, sit back there and watch them in action.

As I said before, the two twinks were all alone in the room as their roommates went to the club tonight. They are having this relationship in secret and now the took advantage of the fact that they are alone. So they started to spend some quality time with each other. Watch them starting slowly and kissing each other all over. After all the teasing, their cocks are throbbing now and you will see how their tongues are fucked just for your delight. One will suck on his partner’s hard dick, going deepthroat for him and filling his mouth with the nasty jizz he is spraying for the great finale. Cum inside and enjoy the whole scene.


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Rain Boys

Hi there everyone and welcome back. As we’ve promised, we bring you tonight a fresh scene from our japan twinks. Tonight two students will go on camera while fucking each other and you are about to enjoy the whole scene in a couple of moments. I know how much you enjoy watching them in action, so we have on our website the entire video of this amazing gay fuck. Without anymore delays, grab a seat and enjoy them doing their thing for you.

As you will see, the two horny dudes will make sure you see their every move, so they put the camera right beside them. Now you will be able to enjoy their whole fucking session. So these two are starting their fuck with a little teasing. After they took their clothes off, the two boyz started to rub their cock together. After each one had his cock as hard as a rock, one will drop on his knees and will wrap his talented lips all around his partner’s tool. He will suck on that cock, then he will be bended and fucked from behind hard and fast. His partner will show no mercy for his tight hole, going balls deep inside and loading his jizz into that love cave. Enjoy the entire episode right now! 


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Japan Boyz – Yuki

Another amazing week and our japan boyz are ready to entertain you once again. As you can see, Yuri is back and this time he has a new partner. He is taking good care of him, like he always does. I know that his last scene was a great success and I hope that this time he will entertain you as well. No more chit-chat, hit that button and see how he offered to his new buddy and nice orgasm.

As you already know, Yuri is one of our best boys. He always get to satisfy every partners and you guys always ask for more scene with him starring. Well, this time he did something for the first time. I will let you discovering what was that. I am saying only this thing: the horny boy started his fuck with a nice blowjob. As you know, he is very good with his mouth and will make that lucky boy moaning of pleasure as he goes deepthroat on his cock. Then Yuri will spread his legs and his butthole and will stuff his cock deep inside that tight hole. Just cum inside and enjoy the whole scene. And stay tuned for fresh content. Next time we have another special scene for all of you. Enjoy!


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JapanBoyz – The Porno Book

Hi there, my friends and welcome back! Tonight japanboyz has a great scene for you. This hot couple will enjoy their fucking session on camera and you will enjoy watching that scene in a couple of moments. The two boys took advantage of the fact that one of them was home alone, so the engage in one amazing gay fuck. Just sit back there and watch them doing their thing.

As you can see, the young men are going to stuff their holes in a couple of moments. But let me tell you how everything started: as one of them was home alone, he went to his father room and took one of his father porno book to show to his buddy. They read a little from that book and got an instant boner. It was their first time they read a book like that one. So the curiosity made them wanting to try something from there. Watch them sucking slowly one the head of their cock, then one will hop on top of his partner and will shove his cock into his tight butthole, riding that cock exactly how was written in the book. Enjoy the great ending also and cum back for fresh content next week.


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The Ninja Seduction

Hi there, my friends and welcome back! The night is about to get hotter, so get ready for that. We have for you two horny boyz who will keep you company tonight. They are young and hot, but legal, as you prefer. The two boys will fuck their asses on camera tonight and you will enjoy the scene in a couple of moments. Make sure you are comfortable and see how they started their gay fuck with some sloopy blowjob, sucking on each other cock eagerly, then licking their balls in a 69 position. That is not all, for sure.


As you already saw, the two will also stretch their asses in some hot position. Watch this twink shoving his hard cock into his partner’s tight ass, going in and out and hitting his balls to those round buttocks. He will not stop until a nice load of jizz cuming out and sprays his partner’s belly, dribble of cum running down his soft white skin. I’m sure you will enjoy them, as always. Also, I want you to enjoy hot couple hammering their asses till they explode. Just chick here and watch these creamy boys.

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The Dish Boy

Here we are again with another japan boyz scene. These two horny dudes just enjoyed an amazing fucking session and we caught every moment on our cameras. The dish boy will get his ass stretched to maximum by his new partners. I’m sure they will be the perfect company for you tonight, so make yourself comfortable and watch them in action.

As I said, this horny dish boy has a new partner. He just picked up this stud from the restaurant he was working and they enjoyed their fist gay fuck. I’m sure you will enjoy watching them sucking on each other’s hard cock, licking the balls and getting their throats gagged for the beginning. After the dish boy made sure his partner’s cock is hard and wet enough for his ass, he simply laid on his back and spread his buttocks with the palms, waiting for his new stud to stuff that hole. Cum inside and see how they ended that ht gay fuck. Also, stay tuned for fresh content. See you!


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JapanBoyz Love

Hi there! On tonight’s japanboyz update, another horny couple will enjoy a gay fuck on camera and you are about to enjoy them right away. Watch this student wrapping his lips all around his partner’s tool, then offering his ass for a nice pounding. I’m sure that this kind of company you were looking for when you came around, so sit back and watch them doing their thing.

The two just met in the metro station and after a couple of hours they were all over each other. Each one will spread his lips for his partner’s cock and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy watching each one’s skills. Trust me, they sure know what they are doing with the mouth and it is very clear that this is not their first time. So after they sucked on each other’s cock, one of them will be bended and his partner will shove his dick into his tight asshole, making him moan in pleasure. The end involves jizz sprayed and face painted, so sit back there and watch that right now. Just hit that button and cum inside for the entire episode.


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Banana Fuck Boys

Hello once again, my friends! Tonight these japanboyz came around once again to keep you company. They enjoyed one amazing gay fucking session and in a couple of moments you will enjoy watching that fuck from he very beginning till the end. As you already know, you young men loves the taste of fresh cock on their tongue, that’s why they started their fucking with a nice blowjob. Then one will bend and his ass will be fucked hard from behind, his partner going balls deep inside and making him moan.


So as you can see, the two will make a good company for you. I’m sure you will enjoy watching them moaning and fucking each other like there’s no tomorrow. For the great finale you will see them with their face painted in white and dribble of cum will run down their chin just for your viewing delight. As I said, on our website is the entire episode, so just cum inside there and watch them. Also, click here and enjoy ripped Ken sucking a cock.

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