Mount Fuji Boyz

After Koki’s incredible japanboyz videos solo introduction, we could hardly wait to have him back again for some hardcore action. We introduced this guy to our hot loveable twink gay japan boyz Masataka. The 2 guys went on a hike to know each other better before the video. After a long day walk and climbing up Mount Fuji muscular Koki knew exactly how to take care of lovely Masataka. Well the two guys are back once more, and if you loved their last exploits you will adore this one as well.

The hunks go for a nice and hot afternoon fuck, as it was just too hot to take a walk around outside. So just sit back and enjoy as you get to see these two hot schoolboys sharing some nice and passionate moments with each other in their scene. They begin with a nice and long kissing session as they fondle each other’s cocks and balls, and then they do a nice sixty nine sucking each other off too. Enjoy seeing them taking turns to fuck each other in the ass, and have fun with their simply amazing gallery in this fine update today!

japanboyz mount fuji boyz

See these Japanese Boyz making out passionately!


JapanBoyz – Creamy Boys

We brought these two hot Asian studs ready to show you how things are done. They started kissing, but after a while they needed some rough action. So they jumped in bed and started taking turns on pleasing each other. Just look at him laying there just waiting for a rough pounding, begging for a rough anal stretching. Check them out today and see another horny couple spending some quality time fucking hard style, and enjoy this fresh and hot and sexy scene with them today guys.


They were all set to have fun this fine day, and the dude wearing the colorful shirt, was more than ready to take a nice and hard ass fucking from his buddy. The thing is that every now and then he gets super horny, and he needs this fuck buddy of his close by to penetrate his nice and tight butt. The dude went for it as he just adores that petite body that his buddy has as well. So watch the guy getting his tight ass stretched nicely and see you guys next week for some more amazing and hot scenes. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, visit the site and see some sexy chaos men fucking!

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Ken’s sucking skills

JapanBoyz brought you these cute guys, that were bragging with their skills. So in this hot scene you have the chance of seeing these two talented boyz in some hardcore action. They took turns on sucking their cocks, Ken was first. He took that hard tool in his filthy mouth and just couldn’t let it go until he had a mouthful of cum. Enjoy it as always today, and let’s see more in detail how these two horny hunks spent their afternoon with the cameras shall we? It’s quite nice, rest assured.

Ken here was bragging about how he can give some great head, and his buddy was very much eager to see him in action as well. And so, the guy lay on the floor, and let Ken do his thing. See this master cock sucker as he whips out that nice and big cock, and watch him as he starts to suck and slurp on the hard cock of his buddy’s. Overall this couple had lots of fun, and Ken proved that he has the skills to please orally a nice and hard cock as well. Enjoy it and have fun. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, visit the site and see some sexy naked men getting their big cocks milked!


Watch here ripped Ken swallowing all the jizz he gets!


Koki & Kenta

JapanBoyz brought two fresh hotties. Koki and Kenta have known each other for a while know but never had the opportunity of taking things to the next level. Well this is their lucky day. They had a slow start, kissing for a while, but then they’ve became hornier by the minute and jumped on each others tools. Koki took care first of Kenta’s tight asshole, shoving his hard fat tool in his hole and stretching it. We know you are eager to see these two in action as well, so let’s just get this show of theirs on the road.


The two guys were super eager to start of this nice and hard fuck today, and we know that you will enjoy seeing them in action too. You saw Kenta in the past here as well, and even though then he was the one to do the fucking, for this update he’s the one that get to have his fine and sexy ass penetrated. Enjoy seeing him lift his feet in he air, and see the horny Koki beginning to pound away at his nice and tight ass for this fine afternoon. We’ll be back next week as always with more deep drilling scenes! Until then, enter the maverick men site and see other gorgeous gay guys having sex!

Watch here Kenta receiving a rough anal pounding!


Kojima’s private session

Kojima is for the first time here  and I think he is a perfect fit. Although he doesn’t have lots of experience, he is a hardworking teen ready to learn all the secrets of the business. He got naked, layed on the bed and started jerking off his fat tool. And he continued until he got cum all over his body. Check him out and enjoy seeing how this fresh and horny hunk likes to play with his cock for this nice and hot update today. Let’s see him in action without delay in this fresh and sexy scene shall we?

The cameras start rolling, and the first thing that Kojima does, is to start undressing and taking off his clothes to reveal a nice and sexy body. And he doesn’t stop until he’s completely nude either. As he lays on his back in his bed, you get to watch him whipping out his nice cock, and straight away this hunk begins to work his meat shaft with his hands. Sit back and watch him enjoying his masturbation session for the afternoon and see you next time once more with fresh scenes.


Check out Kojima jerking off all over the place!


JapanBoyz – Art Fucky Boys

We have found for you guys the hotter Asian studs. Hiroto was the one in charge in this hot scene, forcing poor Tomo to sucking his monster tool. He put him on his knees and shoved it in his filthy mouth and didn’t let him until he filled his mouth with creamy loads of cum. Check this horny Asian studs in hardcore action! Who says that sex isn’t a art in itself. Well today you get to see these two guys practicing the art quite extensively as they have a nice and hard gay fuck for the camera and you guys today.


As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this nice scene with the two, and rest easy knowing that they had lots of fun as well. The scene starts, Tomo gets to be the man slut for the afternoon and Hiro is more than happy to let him. See him sucking and slurping on Hiro’s cock with a passion to get him nice and hard, and then see him as he gets to take that cock nice and deep in his fine and tight ass too. And like we said, in the end you get to see Tomo swallowing all the jizz that he gets.

Check out Tomo getting forced to swallow all the jizz!


Japanese Muscle Stud

JapanBoyz brought you another muscled stud, Kenta. He just wanted to please his massive tool and his man was out of the town. So he took matters in his own hands, literally. He grabbed his monster cock and started jerking off and didn’t want to stop until he started shooting hot loads of cum all over the place. Check him out! Today this guy named Kenta is all prepared to show off his superb masturbation skills, and you get front row seats to his sexy show. So let’s see him in action without delay today.

Kenta says that he always likes to spend quality time with his cock every time he gets the chance to be all alone, and he was more than happy to show off for the cameras in this nice scene and for you. So just enjoy as he takes his clothes off, and presents you with his sexy nude body. Then you can see him jerking off fast and hard until he blows his load all over himself as well. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you next week with some  more nice and fresh galleries guys. Bye bye!


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Japan Boyz – Mount Fuji Boyz

Japan Boyz searched for the hottest boyz in the business. This is how they stumbled upon these mount Fuji studs. They are both horny and ready for some rough stretching. They took turns on nailing their tight asses, Koji was the one to start the hardcore stretching. He pushed him on the bed, on his side and started hammering that tight butthole and stopped when he started screaming. Check it out and like usual have fun seeing two very hot and sexy Asian studs having some kinky sexual fun for this nice afternoon everyone.


Koji was the one to be the alpha male in this little fuck of theirs, and he was sure going to enjoy planting his hard cock up that nice and tight butt today. Watch and see him stroking his buddy’s cock and fingering his ass to prepare it for the fucking, and then see him shove his nice meat pole in. He fucks his buddy so good that he moans in pleasure all the while, and you can bet that the kinky Koji ended up blowing a load all over that cute ass too. Enjoy this superb scene today and see you guys next week once more, with more ass penetration scenes!

Watch here Koji destroying a tight asshole!


Hiroto And Masataka

Hiroto And Masataka are here for you guys only on JapanBoyz. Although Hiroto is the one always in charge, this scene was all Masataka’s. He forced him to lay on the couch while he jerked off right over his head, letting all the creamy loads cover his cute face. Poor Hiroto didn’t know how to react so he started licking his hot jizz. Check it out and enjoy yourselves with one superb and sexy scene with two more hot and sexy studs in today’s nice and fresh scene everyone. So let’s see them in action.

Masa was taking a nice afternoon nap today, and his buddy Hiro was getting kind of naughty. Well he didn’t want to wake up his sleeping buddy, but he still wanted to do something kinky. And so he decided to leave a nice and sticky present on his face for when he wakes up. Sit back and watch closely as he jerks off near his face, and then see him blow that sticky load all over it. Enjoy this fresh and sexy scene, and see you guys next time with some more fresh galleries with horny twinks, that we’ll have all prepared for you to see.


Watch here ripped Hiroto taking a creamy cum bath!


Japan Boyz – Students playing

Our Japan Boyz don’t like wasting their free time, that why they always have time for their cocks. They were alone in their college dorm, so they jumped to business because you never know went your room mates are coming home. They turns on pleasing their tools, sucking, jerking off and of course continued with some rough pounding. Check it out for today and see some nice oriental gay scenes in this fresh and hot update everyone. We are sure that you will just adore seeing these two guys in action.


These two horny studs know exactly how to play with each other and they make sure to share their passions with you guys as well today. As the scene starts off, you can see the two hot and horny hunks as they start off with some nice and passionate kissing. Then, as one of them takes his seat and lays back in the couch, he has his good buddy sucking the tip of his cock, while he jerks off fast and hard. And of course he ends up blowing his nice and big jizz load all over his face as well. Enjoy it and see you soon! Wanna see other hot studs fucking? If you do, join the site!

Check out these horny studs pleasing their hard tools!